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Nominating Committee

Responsibilities include assisting the Past President with the Chapter Elections. Chapter Elections take place in Q1 of 2022.


The Chapter Nominating Committee shall consist of:

Two members who have served on the Chapter Board within the last 10 years

Two at-large members

The immediate Past President, who serves as a non-voting chair


Board of Directors

All Board Directors are required to attend the Chapter Leadership Conference (CLC).



Responsibilities include assuming the responsibilities of the Chapter President in his/her absence

One year term


Candidate maintains an Allied ASID or ASID appellation*

Candidate has had previous ASID Chapter Board experience within the past 10 years*

Candidate has been as ASID Chapter committee chair for two of the past 10 years*

Request for special dispensation as the candidate does not meet the minimum eligibility requirement for this office


Membership Director

Responsibilities include exercising membership function for the Chapter

Two year term


Director At-Large

Responsibilities include focusing on an area of particular importance to the Chapter

Two year term


Student Representative to the Board

Responsibilities include representing all student Chapters and independent student members within the Chapter

One year term


Candidate must be a member of a student Chapter operating in the Chapter's geographic area

Candidate must be entering an advanced (upperclassman) level of their program at the time of nomination


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